Foreign Lotteries Scams

Foreign Lotteries Scams

Foreign lottery scams prey on individuals with offers of instant wealth through overseas lotteries. While the offers may appear genuine and tempting, it's essential to recognize and steer clear of these deceptive tactics designed to part you from your money.

Foreign lottery scams have been prevalent both online and offline for quite some time. Recently, their occurrence has surged, introducing new, sophisticated versions of previous schemes.

Initially, these scams would straightforwardly claim you've won a significant amount in an overseas lottery. To assist you in staying informed, we've gathered information from various trustworthy sources that highlight current and past foreign lottery scams and their variations.


The allure of a substantial lottery prize can be intoxicating, and scammers leverage this to their advantage. With the rise in digital communication, it's become even easier for them to spread their deceptive messages. But as these supposed "prizes" grow in size, they often become more elaborate in their deceit, involving complex schemes and tactics to lure victims into their traps. Such emails frequently play on the emotions and vulnerabilities of individuals, promising life-changing amounts of money.

However, it's vital to remember that legitimate lotteries never ask winners to pay fees upfront. In addition, the odds of winning a major international lottery, especially one you didn't knowingly enter, are astronomically low. This should serve as a red flag. Instead of rushing to claim what seems like a miraculous windfall, one should exercise caution and due diligence. Cross-check any information provided, look for inconsistencies in the message, and most importantly, trust your instincts. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Protecting your personal information and being skeptical about unsolicited communications is your best defense against such scams.

Stay Alert! Be skeptical of claims such as

  • You've won a substantial amount, as notified through your email ID.
  • Your phone number has been selected for a special prize.
  • To claim your prize, share your personal details with us via email.
  • You might even receive a message stating you've won already! Just pay a minimal shipping fee to receive your prize.
  • Beware: these fraudsters often request "taxes", "customs duties," or other fees, pocketing any money you forward.
  • This exclusive offer is tailored just for you.

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Did you recently get a letter that appeared official, suggesting you've won an international lottery? The idea of responding can be alluring — the promise of having won a significant sum might just be a ticket to your dreams! However, caution is of utmost importance. There's a sinister twist to this seemingly fortunate event.

Scams centered around international lotteries have become a prevalent method fraudsters use to deceive their targets. This scam usually begins with an unsolicited communication — a phone call, an email, or even a physical letter — informing you about the windfall you've supposedly received from a foreign lottery you don't recall entering. In many cases, the scammers may advise victims to keep their "winning" a secret to avoid any potential complications or disputes. As the narrative progresses, the scammer often requests money for "processing fees" or taxes. Tragically, many hopeful individuals, thinking they're on the brink of a financial breakthrough, comply with these demands, only to find out they've been conned. The reality of these scams is that there is no lottery, and the only party gaining anything is the scammer. The surge in such deceptive schemes means everyone, especially online users, should be on high alert.

So, the next time you're informed of an unexpected lottery windfall, especially from abroad, tread with caution. While the prospect might seem enticing, it's vital to verify the authenticity before engaging or parting with any money. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

How to Protect Yourself from Foreign Lottery Scams

  • Always be skeptical if asked to pay or transfer funds to claim a lottery prize. Genuine lotteries don't require payment to collect winnings.
  • If a lottery scheme seems plausible, consider reaching out to a consumer protection agency. They can guide you in distinguishing real lottery offers from fraudulent ones.
  • Be cautious with calls and messages starting with the number 190, as they often come with premium charges.
  • For assurance, always confirm the legitimacy of the company by directly contacting the respective organization.
  • Conduct an online search using the names or exact phrasing from the communication you've received. Many scams can be spotted this way.
  • Avoid reacting emotionally to scam emails. Scammers often weave personal stories or urgencies to manipulate your emotions and actions.
  • Never send money, share credit card details, online account information, or provide copies of crucial personal documents to organizations pitching lottery winning opportunities.

Essential Information about Foreign Lottery Schemes

  • Participating in a foreign lottery, whether via mail or phone, is against federal regulations.
  • Often, purported winners of foreign lotteries are told they've secured a substantial prize but must first pay upfront fees or taxes in cash.
  • Beware of claims of foolproof systems to win foreign lotteries. The reality is that the odds of winning more than what you spent on tickets are extremely low.
  • Once you engage with one foreign lottery, be prepared for a surge in offers for other lottery or "investment" opportunities. Such engagement can get your name on "victim lists" that scam artists trade and exploit.
  • Always safeguard your credit card and bank account details. Con artists often request this information during uninvited sales approaches.
  • You're not unique in being approached with these too-good-to-be-true foreign lottery wins. Many others receive similar, baseless offers.
  • Genuine lottery organizations will never demand payment or fees to process your winnings.

Some of the Common Foreign Lottery Scam Fake Names

Below mentioned are some of the common Lottery organization names that scammers use in order to lure the local public in the name of foreign lottery winning schemes.

  • The UK National Lottery,
  • European or International Lottery,
  • Canadian Lottery,
  • Toyota or BMW Lottery,
  • Royal Heritage Mega Jackpot Lottery, or
  • Yahoo/MSN Lottery Incorporation.

Scammers frequently reach out to potential victims through emails and messages, falsely claiming to represent certain renowned companies. They deceive individuals by announcing them as the fortunate winners of a foreign lottery. To bolster their deceit, these scammers often send counterfeit checks, aiming to win the trust of their targets. Once they've gained the victim's confidence, they cunningly request a payment, purportedly to facilitate the transfer of the lottery winnings. By the time victims recognize the scam, it's often too late, with the culprits having already swindled them out of their money.

Examples of Foreign Lottery Scam :

Below mentioned is a real time example of foreign lottery scam."O" Brain junior lynch a lottery scammer was sentenced to five years in prison for having scammed innocent people in the name of foreign lottery scam. He was also told to pay $185000 as a part of compensation to the victims.

The image below showcases Lee Williams, an 81-year-old retiree from Aurora, who tragically fell victim to a foreign lottery scam. Lee, like many senior citizens, was deceived by these fraudsters. The scammers convinced him over the years that he had won a million-dollar lottery. Tragically, under the illusion of securing his winnings, Lee was duped into parting with nearly half a million dollars from his own savings.

Example of a mail- Foreign Lottery scam.

The below mentioned screenshot is a sample of how a foreign lottery scam email would look like.

Foreign Lottery Scam: A Look at the Numbers

Data examining the financial consequences endured by victims of foreign lottery scams indicate a gender disparity in those affected. Notably, 39.9% of the reported victims were female, while 34.6% were male.

Both the U.S. Postal Service and the AARP have taken collaborative action to raise awareness about foreign lottery scams. Their joint effort involves disseminating mailers such as the one displayed above to educate the public.

Did You Know?

While foreign lottery scams originate from various global locations, a significant number trace back to Jamaica. Disturbingly, these scams often target older individuals who are confined to their homes.

Example of Foriegn Lottery Scam email

Shell Centre Waterloo SE1 7NA Great Britain
TEL: + (44) 7937434161
FAX NUMBER: +447010054508

Dear winner,
Attention Beneficiary,
This is to inform you, that your Email has won you a prize of £500,000.00 GBP (five Hundred Thousand Great British pounds only. Your Email Address were selected through a computer balloting system drawn from Nine hundred thousand emails from worldwide emails as part of our international promotions which is conducted annually, we have only six selected winners, which their email id are active online to be paid, and you are one of the Selected Winners.

  1. Name:
  2. Addresses:
  3. Country/State:
  4. Mobile No:
  5. Age:
  6. Sex:
  7. Occupation:
  8. Language:
  9. Email:
  10. Your Full Name:
  11. Your Bank Name:
  12. Account Number:
  13. Account Number:

Note: Our claiming agent is only authorized to release your fund upon satisfactory Verification and approval by the board members. Also, according to our Promotion Code of Conduct, Section 13.7, page 09, paragraph 05, prize will be cancelled and withdrawn if not claimed on or before 60 days, from the date of this notification, and thereafter all funds will be returned to the UK Ministry of Finance as unclaimed. Please quote your reference number in all your correspondence and should there be any change in your contact addresses, do not fail to notify our agent immediately.
Complete the above form and submit it to the prize administrator/claiming agent,

Mr. Peter Voser,
Fax number; +44-7010054508)

The Shell Oil international awareness promotional staffs congratulates you for your success.

Best regards,
Mrs., Clara Shaw

Screenshots of foriegn lottery scam email

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