Soft Scams

Soft Scams

Delve into the realm of soft scams, where subtle online deceptions aim to exploit individuals discreetly. Understand the tactics of digital fraud, stay vigilant against social engineering, and prioritize internet safety. Equip yourself with scam awareness and implement effective cybersecurity measures to prevent falling victim to these deceptive practices.

Soft Scams Millions of people worldwide use the internet for various activities such as gaming, shopping, selling, watching videos, listening to songs, and more. The internet is bustling round the clock as people wisely utilize their time online. About a decade ago, phishing activities began to emerge, leaving a negative impact on society. Scammers typically deceive the public by sending emails, urging them to open the message and deposit a few dollars immediately into their accounts. These scammers pose as IT authorities, revenue officials, physicians, cosmetic sellers, and product vendors, swiftly cheating the public through their cunning tactics.

Scams related Tech support :

Tech support scams have become a global concern, raising questions about the credibility and reputation of a company named Real Soft Inc. Despite its flashy website and claims of having numerous branches worldwide, this company is surrounded by various complaints. Law enforcement, including the crime branch and cybersecurity authorities, recently dismantled a global crime network, freezing millions of dollars in assets belonging to these scammers. However, the exact whereabouts of these soft loan scammers remain untraceable. Unconfirmed sources suggest that the scammers continue to operate, leaving authorities puzzled about their activities.

Exquisite Software Job Scam

Soft Scams

Exposing Worldwide Scams: Watch Out for Soft Corporate Offer and Lance Soft Inc

Scammers operate predominantly from India, the USA, and the UK. Another prevalent scam making rounds is the Soft Corporate Offer (SCO). In this type of scam, the fraudster poses as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer, swindling the deposited amounts from both parties. Numerous individuals have voiced concerns about a reputed company, Lance Soft Inc, alleging that it offers no employment and exhibits scam-like behavior. One representative from this company even requested a client's social security number. The public is left in suspense, questioning whether this well-known company is indeed a scam – a situation that warrants careful observation.

Soft job Scams

Job Seekers Beware: Exercise Caution with Companies and Training Offers

Job seekers in the USA should exercise extreme caution when communicating with this company via email or phone calls. It's crucial never to share user IDs, passwords, social security numbers, or account numbers without first verifying the credibility and reputation of the company. Another cautionary note involves a training company called Infusion Soft, which presents itself as a CRM consultant and requests the public to invest thousands of dollars. However, this company often goes silent after receiving the money. The public is advised to steer clear of this company or, at the very least, exercise maximum caution when responding to their emails. Avoid depositing money or providing personal details before thoroughly understanding the credibility and reputation of the company.

Soft Scams

Stay Alert: Microsoft Tech Support Scams on the Rise

Scams linked to 'Microsoft tech support' are gaining popularity, prompting the giant company Microsoft to urge the public to report any such scams directly to them. However, the public often fails to report these scams to the company. Before understanding the true nature of a company, individuals should never disclose the following information.

Soft Scams
  • Social Security Number
  • Bank User ID and Password
  • Bank Details
  • ATM PIN, Internet PINs, or Passwords
  • Other Financial Details