Cosmetic Scams

Cosmetic Scams

They Sell Imaginary Cosmetic Products

Technological advancement culminated as an internet few decades back and from there on communication became extremely fast. Every country showed interest in using the internet for various purposes which includes even far-flung countries. Even the laymen these days show interest to learn the basics of the internet technology. Internet has become a very powerful tool for the corporate and other individuals since it mobilizes sales immaculately. Though millions of people use the internet wisely hundreds of

criminals use it for illegal activities. Scamming is becoming the talk of the town and the scammers try to loot the money of the innocent people in many different ways. There are hundreds of scams that are listed in the scams list and one such scam that has become so famous is the scam that is related to cosmetic products.

Scams to avoid

Hundreds of people have received cosmetic related scam mails and have reported it to the cyber crime and police authorities immediately.Customers especially women purchase lots of cosmetic products through internet and scammers target these women easily and swindle their money. Perpetrators often pose themselves as a branded company selling rich skin solutions at extremely lowest prices and send a scam mail urging the people to purchase a skin solution which never exists. Innocent women will open the mail of the scammer and deposit the amount immediately into the scammers account. He will happily runaway with the amount without delivering any products. The cosmetic scams of oro and bh was making rounds sometime back. Cosmetic scams related to dentistry were also considered very famous sometime back.

Some of the popular and famous cosmetic scams that is making the rounds are listed below :

Laser scams

In these types of scams the perpetrators will act like a cosmetic surgeon and send a scam mail to the public stating that they are offering free liposuction and other types of cosmetic surgeries. The stout or overweight people will fall prey to these types of scams and reply as well as deposit their hard earned money.

Dentistry scams

Here the scammers who are operating from different countries will send a scam mail stating that they are offering free dental surgeries to the poor and needy and will request the people to deposit a small amount.

Israeli scams

Here the scammers will pose himself as a famous cosmetic seller and send a mail requesting the clients to purchase the cheap products which never exists. Women will fall prey to these scammers and lose their money immediately.

Corporate scams

Hundreds of people have complained about the products launched by the company named adore cosmetics and have labeled them scammers.

Product scams

These are only few cosmetic scams that are gaining momentum. A company named FM sells perfumery products. But the public have opined that these people are scammers and sell low end products. This is still under debate and the customers should show maximum caution while purchasing the products from this company. The common public who are receiving scam mails that are related to cosmetic items should immediately inform the same to cyber security or police.

cosmetic scam

Herbal cosmetic scam

brand cosmetic scam