Dating Scams

Dating Scams

Dating scams - The black side of chatting:

Dating Scams

Are you a professional or a businessman? Are you looking for a better soul mate on dating website? Then this article is for you. With a number of sites devoted to dating, the internet is a good source for someone, who wants to find a prospective companion. But it is not always the case; there are some online dating scammers, who are readily waiting to rip you off by striping your assets and personal information. These cat fishers are very good pretenders and with their romantic speeches, they can easily pull money from lonely and vulnerable people, who are visiting online dating websites with a hope of finding a better life partner. In this article, we are here to warn you about the cat fishers and protect you from getting victimized on online dating scams.

How online dating scammers spin trap for you:

Online Dating Scams

This scam is not a one man affair; online dating scammers have a big network that is build with a hierarchy and organizational structure that include the head, the manager and the workers. The internet is their prime source to get you trapped. They approach you through online by someone who appears to be interested in you. These fraudulent scammers set up fake profiles and claim to be foreign citizens or NRIs. They introduce themselves as a working man or women, who is looking for a prospective life partner and tell their own sympathetic cooked up stories to gain your love and care.
Through back and forth chatting, they try to earn your trust and scrutinize your personal information and bank details. After making good raport with you, he or she will ask you to pay his/her education fees, visa fees and other legal expenses. In an extreme case, you might be contacted by a fake doctor, who will request you to send huge sum of money for the hospital expense saying that your loved one is in need of surgery or immediate medical assistance. The FBI (Federal Bureau of investigation) says that many people are losing more than $400,000 dollars in these types of online dating scams around the world.

Emotionally instable people are getting targeted:

Avoid Dating Scams

The cold blooded scammers target the stranded persons such as divorcees, widows, widowers and differently able persons, who are rich and well settled. The cheaters clearly know that these persons are emotionally instable and want someone's console, love and care. So, the dating scammers claim themselves as widows or widowers or divorcees, in order to gain their sympathy and immediate response.

Signs of online dating scammers:

Tips to avoid online dating scams:

  • At any cost, avoid disclosing your personal information on social networking sites.

  • While chatting with lesser known people, make sure that you do not reveal your bank account number and personal details such as contact numbers etc.

  • If you are emotionally tested be wise enough to drop the contact.

  • Never send money to any one without any proper verification.

  • In case, they threaten you for not sending money, do not hesitate to seek the help of police.