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As i typed my last post about alisha she msgs me yahoo,apparently on way to airport her 'hotel manager' bright cole'..aka..ezebuchi b nwagwu...has ripped her off an she needs 1250 (the infamous BTA)to get to me...of course its 'refundable' and RELENTLESS was she after continual posts from myself saying theres no more to sqeeze from 0011 2348089402521 is the 'managers'number,who she now doesnt want me to speak to...she ran offline when i pasted info from this forum wich has taken me 4 hrs to read just this one thread! Alisha Burkat 15 obadina st (Official Repair Cent. of Rado Watches), 15, Obadina St., Box 485, Lagos Nigeria hahaha Whats ure fav colour Blue rara same ol stuff now ive read through this forum Lagos city Yaba 23401 will post more info when can,having probs working out how to get ip from windows live hotmail account still. other names included to send to were EMEKA DURU...(Emeka duru 4rm nigeria. Duru_jk@yahoo)i now discover stan duru caught for fraud...when questioned her,funnily enough shed heard of stan...other pics of hers actually had the ripped off VIP logo from wateva russian site they had stolen the pics from etc.. Although still feeling stupid cause ive never been ripped in ten years online,this one was good,however was comforting..(sadly) to read others have gone down for less an more..such a shame lonliness can bypass pure the brains natural all google on alisha burkat shows this profile This image was also posted here:Dating scammer Alisha Burkat ; joy_alishaDating scammer Alisha Burkat ; joy_alishaDating scammer Alisha Burkat ; joy_alisha

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