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hey folks, I don't know if I am being scammed or not. I have been chatting with a 35 year old woman from, yes - Accra, Ghana - by the name of Peggy Harrison. Mother's name Doreen Darko. Ring any bells so far? Trouble is I am nearly 25 years older than her, ha ha. Have sent her $A100 and that will be all. That was of course thru Western Union again ha ha. The only address she will give is a PO box - PO Box KD212, Agent 25, Kanda, Accra North, Ghana 00233, West Africa. Professes to be an out of work hair stylist, god fearing christian, who wants me to send her $US2500 for passport, visa, medicals, documents etc; wants a cell phone for $US250; an iPod; clothes, you name it. Has sent me photos of her in front of - wait for it - a brand new s-class Mercedes! Of course it belongs to a member of her church. phone number is +233 249 788887. Mother is widowed, father was CEO of a mining consortium, no siblings, loves me forever will do anything to come to Australia. Anybody know of her?

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